Two Steps Forward, One Step Back


      Transforming anything is a process. In the past, my attitude was “all, or nothing”. This did not work out well for me…in fact, it didn’t work at all. If I missed one workout, I was convinced that all was lost, so why bother. So, I didn’t bother. It was over. This time, mostly due to this blog, my attitude has had an adjustment. I missed my workout this morning. So, I didn’t automatically think, Oh No! I’m a terrible failure; this has all been for nothing. I might as well just give up! No, instead I thought, well, it’s been horribly humid and hot, I really needed my sleep. I’ll get up tomorrow. There were no recriminations, no anger, and no upset. I was very calm and reasonable. Tomorrow I will get up and just continue on my course. Maybe with age I’m gaining wisdom?? That would be nice. Something good should come with age.

      But, do I feel two steps forward, one step back? Sometimes. I’ve been on a Raw ‘til 4 diet for a few months. I’ve become Vegan, giving up my beloved chocolate. That was a hard thing. Still, I basically weigh the same. So, this time for inspiration, I’ve found Freelee the Banana Girl on YouTube. By watching her channel, I’ve come to the realization that other people miss workouts, other people eat chips, etc. when they really shouldn’t. But, the difference is, they don’t let it derail them. My attitude change has come from watching others who have already gone through this process, and after months or years, made the change. They’ve accomplished their transformations through hard work and acceptance that no one is perfect. No one works out every day, no one doesn’t slip up. Everyone slips up, but the ones who finally have achieved their change are the ones who have kept on going. So, sign me up. I want to get to that point too. After all, two steps forward and one step back still means you’ve taken one step forward!


2 thoughts on “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

  1. Hey, thanks for the follow! I can relate to your journey. At some point, though, and after reading over about 4 years’ worth of my journals–I realized that I put so much energy into the “weight loss project”. I spent too much time either encouraging or admonishing myself over what I should do and what I didn’t do.

    Once I let go of all that, knowing there is no great diet police in the sky, I just set my mind to living a healthy, balanced life. And that includes chocolate. Overweight is caused by imbalance, and once I found daily behaviors that supported health, the weight came off–but gradually and no I didn’t turn into a super model. I’m just me and that’s ok.

    • After a long time being overweight as an adult, although I was super fit as a child and young adult, I’ve decided to focus on getting healthy. But, there are still times when the “how much do I weigh” thoughts rear their ugly heads. Stinky, I know, but it happens. I am beginning to lose weight, at a slow rate, but it is happening. I’m also getting much more healthy – and that’s the point. Thanks for the comments. Feedback is great and means a lot to me!

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