Dancing in the Rain

   Joy is fairly easy to come by when your children are young. We used to go outside with our red boots on, jump in puddles and dance in the rain. Kids can find joy in pretty much anything and it’s so simple to get caught up in their joyful emotions. But, as an adult it’s not so easy it find it yourself.
   I’m one of those people who might be having a terrible day, but if I see a deer, or a turkey family, or even a hummingbird drinking from the feeder, my day can go from the trash can of life to absolutely fantastic in 30 seconds flat. I know that not everyone is like that. I live with some people who don’t have the ability to find joy in the simple things. Luckily it can be an acquired talent.
   Many studies I’ve seen claim that the ability to find joy or “live in joy” is important to our mental health. So, try it for yourself. The next time you’re having a bad day, look at the cloud pictures, enjoy a sunset or sunrise, or just really look at a flower. Whatever brings you joy.
   Embrace the Joy!! Remember what it was like to be a happy child, and try to find that within yourself.


3 thoughts on “Dancing in the Rain

  1. Three cheers for joy!!!
    I find joy in nature, the laughter of my sons, dancing, running, hiking, sunshine, blue sky, white clouds, attractive men, acroyoga. and of course hugs! Basically for me movement equals joy. Nice coming across your blog. I like what you write about.


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