Emotional Eating

  I think that to some degree, everyone partakes in emotional eating. Stress has always been an eating trigger for not only me, but a lot of other people. Sometimes I deal with it by drinking endless mugs of tea. Other times potato chips, or chocolate do the trick. But, now that I’ve become Vegan, potato chips seem to give me an upset stomach, and chocolate is out, I am trying to eat sunflower seeds or carrots and celery instead.

   Of course, things that are good for you really don’t fit into emotional eating cuisine. When you eat for stress, you mostly crave salt and sugar. For that, I sometimes eat Tostidos and salsa, but again, I’ve found that too many make me sick to my stomach. Eating healthy can feel overwhelming and just too difficult.

   Years ago when I was trying to get pregnant and failing, I went to an Environmental Doctor. He told me I had too much yeast in my body, and put me on a no sugar (including fruit), and no dairy diet. I followed his advice, felt great, and got hungry for all the wrong things. When that happened, I did sit-ups and drank tons of water until the symptoms passed. I did get pregnant, so the diet worked.

   But seriously, is there anything better than mac and cheese, cake and cookies, chips and pretzels when you’re feeling stressed? No! The only thing I can do is try seeds and veggies for stress. Difficult, I know! But this is a transformation, so I’ve got to transform!


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