Vitamins and Health

I take a lot of vitamins. I would like to get to the point where I don’t have to take them because I’m sure that my diet is good enough. Unfortunately I don’t feel as if I’ve quite reached that point.

Here’s a listing of what I take:
Biotin – good for your skin, hair and nails
B-12 – good for my energy
C- important for immune health especially if you have an autoimmune disease
like I do.
Calcium – good for bone health
Chromium Picolinate – good for metabolism
E – heart health and energy
Flaxseed Oil – good for heart health, especially if you don’t eat fish, meat or
Folic Acid – again heart health and hair and nail support
Magnesium – bone health and great for keep my aches and pains away
Multivitamin – which I may or may not need since I take all those other ones.

For the moment I   feel like I should keep playing it safe until I research what I really do need and don’t need. Since I’m a Vegan I feel I should just try to cover everything I can. Well, that’s that. I eat a lot of veggies and fruits, as well as beans. I think that I’m covering everything I can. If I’m not, I will share with you after I’ve researched it all.


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