Dealing with Stress

Stress can sometimes be a good thing, in short doses, that is. Long-term, chronic stress can kill you, and often does. One of the effects, of course, is weight gain. I have been living under chronic stress for years. This is one of the reasons that I decided to change what I can change. There are things about my life that I have no way of transforming, but I am trying to focus on only what I can. So, I am in the process of trying to cope with stress in a better way than I have been. For one thing, I’m trying to get to bed earlier, so that I don’t try to “eat my stress away” at night. Starting next week I’ll be adding my Yoga routine to my work-out. This will be a little tricky but with planning and dedication I hope to do it every day. I’ll have to add this after work, so on certain days, I’ll have to get my meal prep done before I go to work. Talk about organized scheduling! Unfortunately organization is not my strong suit.


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