I haven’t talked about what I do for exercise. I only began working out recently after taking way too long a break. But, years ago I bought a Soloflex machine, and have used it on and off ever since. I really like it, and have been using it Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The downside to a Soloflex is that you need a certain amount of space to use it, and that it’s extremely heavy. I’ve got mine in the laundry room, and that has worked out pretty well.
The other things that I do, are various Denise Austin DVD’s. I think that she’s the exercise Queen. She also has a very old VHS Yoga Essentials tape that is just about the only yoga workout that I use. I love it because she explains everything, and I can actually follow it and do the positions. I’m not the most coordinated person, so the slowness of the workout does work well for me. I’ve found that yoga also helps a lot with my Fibromyalgia, and as I get older, I’ve realized that if I don’t do yoga I tend to get very stiff.
I also take the dogs for walks, and this weekend I’ll be getting up early and taking my Border Collie for a 2+mile walk. So, that will count as my workout on Saturday, and if the weather is still good I plan on doing that on Sunday as well.
Let me know what you do, as I’m always looking for other things to do, as I don’t want to get bored.



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